Public dialogue mandatory to maintain trust in value trade-offs

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andre-robillard-298-unsplash smallerMy take on a key point from Joseph Thornley’s interview with Don Lenihan last year on the InsideP2 podcast:

  1. Public engagement as “consultation” served well when we could hold one siloed discussion at a time. The stakeholders more or less shared values, e.g. in the “environmentalist silo” or in the “economic development/jobs silo”, so those not participating may have felt represented.
  2. Today, discussions across silos (and sets of values) are mandatory, and value trade-offs inevitable. Those not participating don’t see how the value trade-offs were made. So they lose trust in the process.
  3. Open dialogue, where not just the input but also the deliberation and decision-making are transparent, is the only way to sustain trust in this situation.

Worth a listen. The remaining podcasts in the series look interesting as well.

Image credit:  André Robillard on Unsplash

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