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Beth Offenbacker of Public Decisions hosts #p2chat, a weekly chat on public participation, Tuesdays at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.

This is the archive of tweets for the September 28 chat. (Archive courtesy of TwapperKeeper.)

PublicDecisionsHi everyone and welcome to this week’s #P2chat! Today we’re discussing laws/regs for p2 and also tips for public hearings/mtgs.^09/28/10 06:00 PM ET
PublicDecisionsLet‚Äôs do intros…pls tell us a little about yourself. (be sure 2 incl #P2chat in yr tweets so they‚Äôre seen by folks & 4 chat archive too)^09/28/10 06:01 PM ET
PublicDecisionsBeth Offenbacker @PublicDecisions We use techn to showcase best practices emerging trends and leading thinkers in #publicengmt #P2Chat^09/28/10 06:03 PM ET
transPRIntro: #p2chat Darrel here PR for gov clients former gov PR and former journalist^09/28/10 06:05 PM ET
citizentoolsChris Berendes CTO Netalyst #gov20 blogger techie online engagement project manager #p2chat^09/28/10 06:05 PM ET
citizentoolsRegarding laws/regs here are model laws supporting citizen assemblies & “open meeting” laws that inhibit pol participation online #p2chat^09/28/10 06:14 PM ET
PublicDecisionsWhat laws and regs are you aware of for #publicengmt? #p2chat^09/28/10 06:15 PM ET
PublicDecisionsIn the spirit of #publicengmt did you know today is Intl Right to Know Day? http://bit.ly/bqGN23 #p2chat^09/28/10 06:16 PM ET
PublicDecisionsDo you think that FOIA laws are part of the p2 spectrum…?? some see as directly rel others as adjunct to #p2chat^09/28/10 06:17 PM ET
transPR#p2chat NEPA laws re environmental reviews for projects fed laws for transportation plans at state and MPO levels.^09/28/10 06:18 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGreat p2 resource for engmt under Res Cons & Rec Act Safe Drinking Water and Clean Water Acts http://bit.ly/9r8M7L #p2chat^09/28/10 06:19 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHas anyone been following this issue? “Appeals court rejects public comment time” http://www.thataway.org/?p=2376 #p2chat^09/28/10 06:21 PM ET
transPR@PublicDecisions Important to have a system to collect the comments that are required and document efforts. #p2chat^09/28/10 06:21 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGreat post on @NCDD blog New Resource on Legislation Supporting Citizen Participation http://bit.ly/cVvO7q #p2chat^09/28/10 06:23 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions Haven’t followed the FL issue. Speaks to the need for some definitions and also expectations #p2chat^09/28/10 06:24 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGood resource on p2 laws/regs in China http://www.greenlaw.org.cn/enblog/?p=2377 #p2chat^09/28/10 06:25 PM ET
transPRWho knew? RT @PublicDecisions: Good resource on p2 laws/regs in China http://bit.ly/9aQ2nE #p2chat^09/28/10 06:27 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions Have you run into legal issues pro or con in your work? #p2chat^09/28/10 06:28 PM ET
PublicDecisions@transPR NEPA is a good one; SAFETEALU also has req. (Isn’t SL up for reauth? Any changes on p2 in new law being talked abt?) #p2chat^09/28/10 06:28 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools we should organize a study trip to check out the Tuscan law must be more to it that needs examination! 🙂 #p2chat^09/28/10 06:29 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools Lawsregs req p2 are good set standard…but also lead 2 tendency 2″check the box” IMHO. Shld be starting pt not end #p2chat^09/28/10 06:31 PM ET
PublicDecisions@transpr do you see particular trends in p2 in transportation as compared to other fields? #p2chat^09/28/10 06:32 PM ET
PublicDecisions…meaning in terms of what’s required by law or reg #p2chat^09/28/10 06:32 PM ET
transPR@PublicDecisions #p2chat stimulus set a new path for transp documentation and transparancy. Could show up in new auth.^09/28/10 06:33 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat the limit of laws is that short of the jury system you can’t mandate impact^09/28/10 06:33 PM ET
PublicDecisionsPDF report: Public Participation In The Enforcement Of China’s Anti-Pollution Laws http://bit.ly/cUgWrz #p2chat #environmental #publicengmt^09/28/10 06:35 PM ET
PublicDecisionsWhat pointers and best practices do you have from your work in terms of public hearings/mtgs? #p2chat^09/28/10 06:36 PM ET
PublicDecisionsthis would be gr8 step 4ward! RT @transPR: #p2chat stimulus set new path 4 transp documentation & transp. Cld show up in new transp auth^09/28/10 06:38 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHere’s 1…may be obvious…create a conv about the values that underpin subject first perhaps prehearing coffee klatch #p2chat^09/28/10 06:40 PM ET
PublicDecisionsSets the stage for ppl to think about why they care about issue and puts folks on same page before formal part of mtg begins #p2chat^09/28/10 06:40 PM ET
citizentoolsHave there been public hearings “in the round”? the usual set-up is hierarchical and often adversarial #p2chat^09/28/10 06:43 PM ET
transPR@PublicDecisions #p2chat trend is going beyond what’s required by law. Some govs doing so others wed to past. Public expecting more.^09/28/10 06:44 PM ET
PublicDecisionsthanks @transpr! great to have you as part of discussion as always #p2chat^09/28/10 06:47 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools so often orientation around preventing contr rather than creating learning oppty. Collab shld begin long b4 pub hring #p2chat^09/28/10 06:49 PM ET
PublicDecisionsBlding on that another best practice I see is having hearing as culmination of lengthy process not one-off activity #p2chat^09/28/10 06:50 PM ET
PublicDecisionsBeyond the Public Hearing—Tools for Better #PublicEngmt fr Wyoming Assn of Municipalities http://bit.ly/8ZMPn9 #p2chat^09/28/10 06:53 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions are you aware of any research on what actually happens in say Senate hearings and how to “win” them? #p2chat^09/28/10 06:54 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools wld be interestd in yr insights on good tips for public mtgs hearings. what works best? #p2chat^09/28/10 06:54 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools have not seen any data on that wld be good Q for researchers that focus on political side of engmt tho #p2chat^09/28/10 06:56 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions Unfortunately only a very occasional “lay” participant in hearings… #p2chat^09/28/10 06:58 PM ET
PublicDecisionsWld be good to collect input from others on best practices 4 public hearings this week we can share addl ideas at next wks’s #p2chat?^09/28/10 07:00 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions Good idea. Thanks for the #p2chat this evening.^09/28/10 07:02 PM ET
PublicDecisionsSee everybody next week! Suggestions for topics are always welcome 4 #p2chat feel free to DM me with any ideas^09/28/10 07:05 PM ET

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