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Beth Offenbacker of Public Decisions hosts #p2chat, a weekly chat on public participation, Tuesdays at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.

This is the archive of tweets for the September 7 chat.

PublicDecisionsHowdy folks! Welcome to #P2Chat for Tues Sept 7. Today’s topics are #crowdsourcing & handling comments. Let’s get started!^09/07/10 05:30 PM ET
PublicDecisionsPlease introduce yourself…be sure to use #P2Chat when posting so others can see your posts (and we can archive it too)^09/07/10 05:46 PM ET
PublicDecisionsBeth Offenbacker @PublicDecisions We use technology to enhance public engmt through our distinctive online pgms confs & training #P2Chat^09/07/10 05:59 PM ET
intelliticsIntroductions for #P2Chat: Intellitics is a participation startup based in San José CA. We develop @zilino.^09/07/10 06:00 PM ET
citizentoolsChris Berendes Netalyst CTO dealt w/comment flood as USDOT CRM team lead after 9/11 If only we’d had ideascale etc. back then… #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:02 PM ET
PublicDecisionsQuick poll: how many folks here have had experience with crowdsourcing vs. are checking it out? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:02 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions Been watching the intersection btwn crowdsourcing and public participation for a while now. #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:04 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHave one proj in past (didn’t call it crowdsrcing tho) and have small new one now #p2Chat^09/07/10 06:06 PM ET
PublicDecisionsThanks @2ndOpinionLive sounds like gr8resource! "Our users hve bn enjoying "personal crowdsourcing" via Second Opinion iPhone app" #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:08 PM ET
citizentoolsMostly “checking out” I’ve confronted the general question of “here’s 1000 comments. now what?” more than once. #p2chat^09/07/10 06:10 PM ET
PublicDecisionspt 2…my experience in past didn’t use all cool crowdsourcing tools now avail…very impressive array that’s blossomed lately! #P2chat^09/07/10 06:10 PM ET
citizentoolsRT @2ndOpinionLive: @PublicDecisions Our users have been enjoying “personal crowdsourcing” via the Second Opinion iPhone app #p2chat^09/07/10 06:11 PM ET
ccfkcIntro for #P2Chat. CCF is a civic engagement nonprofit in King County WA. Existed primarily offline & building a new online program^09/07/10 06:11 PM ET
PublicDecisionsMaybe good place 2 start is how to build crowdsourcing into overall p2 approach? decision criteria to use w comments etc? #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:12 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHi @ccfkc! Welcome to #P2Chat 🙂^09/07/10 06:13 PM ET
intelliticsThe term “crowdsourcing” is often applied incorrectly. Helps to get clear on definitions every once in a while: http://bit.ly/aNfwSP #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:14 PM ET
PublicDecisions…what is promise to the public (@IAp2 spectrum) for comments via crowdsourcing?? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:15 PM ET
citizentoolsSuggest how ppl offer input is imprtnt distinctn – in wikip crowdsource (cs) via edits; in Mech TUrk cs via all sorts of actions #p2chat^09/07/10 06:17 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGr8 post @intellitics…do you think that the term has evolved in recent months w growth in tools from what originally written?? #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:17 PM ET
citizentools@intellitics so for #crowdsource single input generally not that imported or respected – it’s one of 100’s or 1000’s #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:18 PM ET
PublicDecisions@ccfkc wld be interested in hearing about your online comm do you use crowdsourcing or considering? #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:20 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions That’s often the problem! Opening up the comment/idea box but no concept how input should/can/will be used. #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:21 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools makes me also think of who has control…does public have final say (Empower) or sponsor (Inform)? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:21 PM ET
citizentools@ccfkc Hey welcome! what’s your interest experience in #crowdsourcing? #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:22 PM ET
transprVery good! RT @intellitics: The term “crowdsourcing” needs definition every once in a while: http://bit.ly/aNfwSP #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:22 PM ET
citizentools@intellitics I regret now suggesting that comments=crowdsourcing. #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:23 PM ET
citizentools@intellitics Power of crowdsourcing is that it *is* action (e.g. wiki edit photo tag) that doesn’t require further processing #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:23 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHave not seen alotof postcrowdsourcing reports after …what was heard decided why etc.? Any good ex out there folks can point 2? #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:23 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions The definition is pretty clear not sure it should change. The term’s definitely being overused in my view. 😉 #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:24 PM ET
PublicDecisionsI C distinction btwn Wiki edit vs spons site like Ideascale etc tho/Crowd may offer input govt usually has final say #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:25 PM ET
PublicDecisionsExample of using crowdsourcing for ideas suggestions http://bit.ly/4FdJKZ #p2chat^09/07/10 06:25 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions so in some cs projs “boiling down” is intrinsic (e.g. wiki edits); in others it happens later if at all #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:28 PM ET
PublicDecisionsNew fed crowdsourcing project Challenge.gov to launch in next few weeks for exploration and innovation http://bit.ly/9Lr40M #p2chat^09/07/10 06:29 PM ET
citizentools@transpr Welcome – join the chat. What’s your #crowdsourcing interest experience? #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:31 PM ET
PublicDecisionsQ: how are crowdsourcing efforts differnt than comments submitted electr under fed rulemaking? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:31 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHi @transpr! welcome to the #p2chat discussion!^09/07/10 06:31 PM ET
intelliticsGreat #crowdsourcing flow chart by @nraford. Policy making/public participation doesn’t always seem to fit in: http://bit.ly/cyiZYn #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:32 PM ET
PublicDecisionsperhaps comments do not hve commitment for public to vote on?? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:33 PM ET
transpartisanCommenting & brainstorming are not same as “crowdsourcing” BUT they are components of it. So its easy for ppl to get confused. #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:33 PM ET
citizentoolsRT @ccfkc: @PublicDecisions We currently use survey tool to quantify results & working on new ways to capture qualitative responses #p2chat^09/07/10 06:34 PM ET
citizentoolsRT @ccfkc: The main thing we use #crowdsourcing for is to identify key issues for local policy-makers //#p2chat^09/07/10 06:35 PM ET
PublicDecisionsSeveral posts/resources from @DelibThinks on crowdsourcing http://bit.ly/br1vDl #p2chat^09/07/10 06:35 PM ET
transpr@citizentools @PublicDecisions Thx for the welcome! Been wanting to join in! Do PR/PI for gov clients. #p2chat^09/07/10 06:36 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHi @transpartisan welcome to #P2Chat!^09/07/10 06:36 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions say more about “commitment to voice on” … #p2chat^09/07/10 06:36 PM ET
transprThink more and more gov is going to utilize #crowdsourcing but like social media term may scare many #p2chat^09/07/10 06:37 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools wonder how many orgs commit 2 how will use/consider data fr csourcing in dec mking? agree w @transpr may b exception #p2chat^09/07/10 06:37 PM ET
PublicDecisionssee two types of csourcing themes here…data citizens create selves/modify vote on control vs that submitted 4 others 2 consider #p2chat^09/07/10 06:38 PM ET
intelliticsReporting graffiti/potholes is a great #crowdsourcing opportunity. Deciding how to allocate scarce budget resources not so much. #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:39 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGood story here in Guardian (UK) about govt challengs of csourcing…noting failures of http://bit.ly/crp4uh #p2chat^09/07/10 06:41 PM ET
transpartisan@PublicDecisions – Federal rulemaking is crowdsourcing. In both cases Commenting does the same thing. #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:42 PM ET
PublicDecisionsAny good metrics anyone can suggest for csourcing?? use soc media metrics or others?? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:42 PM ET
citizentools@transpartisan Welcome Steve. What do you think is required to call a process “crowdsourcing”? #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:42 PM ET
transpr1st challenge is buy in 2nd is to get funds toward it. RT @PublicDecisions: @citizentools … agree w @transpr may b exception #p2chat^09/07/10 06:42 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat leaning away from calling regulatory comments “crowdsourcing”. To me essence of cs is that an individual contrib is not important.^09/07/10 06:43 PM ET
PublicDecisionsTwo other resources from @DelibThinks http://bit.ly/aji7kL also Dialogue App (http://bit.ly/aJrPMC / http://bit.ly/djfuD7 #p2chat^09/07/10 06:43 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions Except… “Programme for Government” was not a #crowdsourcing exercise. The Guardian mislabeled that one big time. #P2chat^09/07/10 06:45 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat e.g. wikipedia under no obligation to preserve my edit; Mechanical Turk customer need not accept my bit of work^09/07/10 06:45 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions re metrics: first did the task get done (the LoC photos labeled? the potholes found?) #p2chat^09/07/10 06:46 PM ET
intelliticsMy latest post tries to clarify (I’ve written about that project several times): http://bit.ly/ci19va #P2Chat #edem^09/07/10 06:46 PM ET
PublicDecisionsother csourcing info sent in 2day…from @ascentum “Crowdsourcing: 5 Reasons Why It‚Äôs Here to Stay” http://bit.ly/aPyRXx #p2chat^09/07/10 06:47 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools maybe also metric…(like soc media) visitors vs unique visitors…and participation rate among them #p2chat^09/07/10 06:48 PM ET
intelliticsRT @twipcast: FYI two of our five pilot episodes focused on #crowdsourcing: http://bit.ly/a4Q3EG #P2Chat #edem #gov20^09/07/10 06:48 PM ET
transprRT @PublicDecisions: from @ascentum ” #Crowdsourcing: 5 Reasons Why It‚Äôs Here to Stay” http://bit.ly/aPyRXx #p2chat #opengov #gov20^09/07/10 06:50 PM ET
transpartisan@intellitics cited the definition of the word’s originator. But where does it say that it’s only for small problems (eg potholes)? #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:50 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHow diverse is crowdsourcing…in democracy are only ppl with latest/coolest toys posting?? any data anyone’s seen? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:50 PM ET
PublicDecisions@transpartisan maybe definition of csourcing is in transition? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:51 PM ET
citizentools@transpartisan of course some potholes in DC (and of course Boston as well) as hardly “small” 😉 #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:51 PM ET
intellitics@transpartisan #Crowdsourcing can be applied to massive problems/challenges (e.g. Netflix Prize) key is to understand what kind. #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:53 PM ET
transpr@PublicDecisions I think #crowdsourcing like #socialmedia other #PR tools is one tool to use in outreach strategy. #p2chat^09/07/10 06:53 PM ET
PublicDecisionsR local govts using crowdsourcing to same degree as fed? how about state govts? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:54 PM ET
transprDfinitions meaningless? More abt what needed 4 specific effort. RT @PublicDecisions: @transpartisan definition in transition? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:54 PM ET
athenabridgeWith new tools government crowdsourcing efforts may eventually evolve far beyond comments/ideas and toward conversation/dialogue. #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:55 PM ET
transprVery few in both cases. Still catching up w/ social media. RT @PublicDecisions: R local govts? how about state govts? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:56 PM ET
intelliticsBeen trying to work out the key items to consider before using #crowdsourcing in #publicengmt: http://bit.ly/8zYfU0 #P2Chat #edem^09/07/10 06:56 PM ET
PublicDecisions@transpr would csourcing also be type of socmed? see gray areas there I guess; agree/disagr? @ccfkc does that square w yr exp too? #p2chat^09/07/10 06:57 PM ET
transprListening now! Good! RT @intellitics: RT @twipcast: audio on #crowdsourcing: http://bit.ly/a4Q3EG #P2Chat #edem #gov20^09/07/10 06:58 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHi @athenabridge welcome to #p2chat!^09/07/10 06:58 PM ET
ccfkc@PublicDecisions The City of Seattle http://bit.ly/dl20QD and Washington State http://bit.ly/cDJkeN are both using #crowdsourcing #P2Chat^09/07/10 06:58 PM ET
citizentoolsI want to sound the @intellitics note here: it turns out that there are web-based processes that aren’t crowdsourcing … #p2chat^09/07/10 06:59 PM ET
PublicDecisionsTime flies…! fantastic discussion tonight!! suggestions for next week? more on csourcing comments or new topic?? #p2chat^09/07/10 07:00 PM ET
transpartisan@intellitics – Where does the definition of “crowdsourcing” limit itself on the range of problems that it might solve? #P2Chat^09/07/10 07:00 PM ET
transpr@PublicDecisions I believe strongly it’s all meshing and tools now allow tailored use to fit needs of project. #p2chat^09/07/10 07:01 PM ET
citizentools@intellitics what I like in this post: crowdsourcing does not require representativeness or stakeholders. +1 #p2chat^09/07/10 07:02 PM ET
PublicDecisions@ccfkc have not seen these…thanks 4 sending. Great examples of local govt leading way! #p2chat^09/07/10 07:02 PM ET
intelliticsGreat you guys join the #P2Chat today: @transpartisan @transpr @athenabridge @ccfkc (also @ascentum and @DelibThinks via time warp). 😉^09/07/10 07:02 PM ET
intelliticsRT @citizentools: @intellitics what I like in this post: crowdsourcing does not require representativeness or stakeholders. +1 #p2chat^09/07/10 07:02 PM ET
PublicDecisions@ccfkc oops also state level too #p2chat^09/07/10 07:03 PM ET
transprHad fun! Thanks for the kind welcome #p2chat and @citizentools @intellitics @PublicDecisions^09/07/10 07:04 PM ET
PublicDecisionsSee y’all next week! many thanks 2 @intellitics @transpartisan @citizentools @athenabridge @transpr @ccfkc 4 participating! #p2chat^09/07/10 07:04 PM ET
PublicDecisionsRT @intellitics: Great #crowdsourcing flow chart by @nraford. Policy making/public participation doesn’t always seem to fit in: http://bit.ly/cyiZYn #P2Chat^09/07/10 07:05 PM ET
ccfkcThanks @PublicDecisions @citizentools & @intellics! Looking forward to next week’s #P2Chat^09/07/10 07:07 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions Ditto to all. Thanks. See ya. #p2chat^09/07/10 07:13 PM ET
ccfkcThanks @PublicDecisions @citizentools & @intellitics! Looking forward to next week’s #P2Chat^09/07/10 07:14 PM ET
JohnFMooreRT @transpr: Listening now! Good! RT @intellitics: RT @twipcast: audio on #crowdsourcing: http://bit.ly/a4Q3EG #P2Chat #edem #gov20^09/07/10 07:15 PM ET

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