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Beth Offenbacker of Public Decisions hosts #p2chat, a weekly chat on public participation, Tuesdays at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.

This is the archive of tweets for the September 21 chat. (Archive courtesy of TwapperKeeper.)

PublicDecisionsHI everyone welcome to #P2Chat this week! Today’s topics include value results of civic engmt; connecting w existing conv online^09/21/10 05:46 PM ET
PublicDecisionsPlease introduce yourself! Name organization twitter handle a little about your work #P2Chat^09/21/10 05:54 PM ET
intelliticsMulti-tasking today but will try to keep an eye on #P2Chat as best I can (starts now!).^09/21/10 06:00 PM ET
PublicDecisionsBeth Offenbacker @PublicDecisions we use techn 2 share best pract ID emerging trends & showcase leading thinkers in #publicengmt #P2Chat^09/21/10 06:01 PM ET
citizentoolsChris Berendes – interested in understanding and communicating the ways in which civic engmt improves government and governance #p2chat^09/21/10 06:02 PM ET
PublicDecisionsjust a reminder pls join us/tweet 2 win Wendy Sarkissian’s CreativeCommPlanning bk More http://bit.ly/aSO8sJ #P2Chat^09/21/10 06:04 PM ET
PublicDecisionsLet’s start out by talking about value results of public engmt. What does “value” of public engmt mean to you ppl you work with? #P2Chat^09/21/10 06:05 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat ultimately civic engmt creates political will based on legitimacy visibility solid processes and follow-up^09/21/10 06:05 PM ET
PublicDecisionsCan also contribute to good mgmt of resources better stewardship on admin side; knit together comm id new resrces 4 solving probs #P2Chat^09/21/10 06:07 PM ET
PublicDecisionsWonder why “value” of p2 so hard to get ppl to accept tho? these all seem like solid things that ppl support #P2chat^09/21/10 06:09 PM ET
citizentools.@PublicDecisions #P2Chat by “new resources” do you mean smart citizens w/good ideas or something else?^09/21/10 06:11 PM ET
PublicDecisionscould be idea could also be $$ in kind support other ppl getting involved 2. More distrib power to address prblm than just govt #p2chat^09/21/10 06:12 PM ET
citizentools.@PublicDecisions #P2chat suggest it’s difficult for pols govts to be against civic engmt openly so it’s hard to have the conversation^09/21/10 06:13 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools I think dpnds on how you C engmtis it oppty to solve prob get indir visib4self meet/work w others some/allofthese? #p2chat^09/21/10 06:15 PM ET
PublicDecisionsI wld argue that good engmt req that self-int behavior take a much diminished role…public/community best interest shld be focus #P2chat^09/21/10 06:15 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGood resources on identifying value of engagement anyone can suggest? #p2chat^09/21/10 06:17 PM ET
PublicDecisions…or is value closely tied out outcomes?? #P2chat^09/21/10 06:20 PM ET
PublicDecisionssorry tied “TO” outcomes #p2chat^09/21/10 06:21 PM ET
citizentoolsAgreed that community interest should be focus; #p2chat experience is that sometimes civic engmt is last resort when things get stuck^09/21/10 06:21 PM ET
citizentoolsfor instance Ed Everett’s Redwood City water conservation project; @americaspeaks and the United New Orleans Plan #p2chat^09/21/10 06:22 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGood resources on measuring success in engagement http://www.involve.org.uk/evaluation-guide/success.shtml #P2chat^09/21/10 06:23 PM ET
intelliticsRT @PublicDecisions: Good resources on measuring success in engagement http://www.involve.org.uk/evaluation-guide/success.shtml #P2chat^09/21/10 06:23 PM ET
PublicDecisionstrue…all good examples.Perhaps we need wave of public mgrs to see engmt as strategy for eff day2day mgmt not just 4 hot potatoes? #P2chat^09/21/10 06:24 PM ET
transpartisanRT @PublicDecisions: Good resources on measuring success in engagement http://www.involve.org.uk/evaluation-guide/success.shtml #P2chat^09/21/10 06:25 PM ET
PublicDecisionsStudy from INVOLVE that they are doing that focuses on identifying values outcomes from engmt http://bit.ly/du2QHK #p2chat^09/21/10 06:26 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHave some other resources on outcomes I can share on blog (need to find links); watch for post at www.p2tools.blogspot.com #p2chat^09/21/10 06:28 PM ET
PublicDecisionstopic 2 tonight: What ways are ppl creating or finding conv online for engmt? going 2 existing places like FB or creating new? #P2chat^09/21/10 06:29 PM ET
PublicDecisionsInteresting article in FastCompany about negative aspects of using online env for disc http://bit.ly/97tD5d #P2Chat^09/21/10 06:31 PM ET
PublicDecisionsDid you know that 40% of Americans have a FB account although only 7% have Twitter acct? acc to recent Pew study #p2chat^09/21/10 06:33 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat @ncdd discussion on whether to GO to where the ppl are (online or off) or to BRING them into the discussion http://bit.ly/dw1RFR^09/21/10 06:34 PM ET
PublicDecisionsapps culture is interesting too 4 engmt..”35% of US adults have cell phones with apps but only 24% of adults actually use them” #p2chat^09/21/10 06:36 PM ET
PublicDecisions…data from Pew. Also “Apps users are younger more educated and more affluent than other cell phone users.”http://bit.ly/pFlIT #P2chat^09/21/10 06:37 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions so you end up going to both venues plus Mehante MySpace BlackPlanet etc. #p2chat^09/21/10 06:38 PM ET
PublicDecisionsintersting to consider…not all online env or technologies created equally in terms of reaching folks #p2chat^09/21/10 06:39 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions in that the different techs are a bit like languages – English not quite the one size that fits all. #p2chat^09/21/10 06:40 PM ET
poetspiritI always send engmt news to where the people that might be interested are- twitter & facebook; may try linkdin #p2chat^09/21/10 06:40 PM ET
PublicDecisionsNew Pew study: Afr Am & Latinos on internet don’t just use soc web at higher rates attitudes to tools differ 2 http://bit.ly/cxF5I6 #p2chat^09/21/10 06:41 PM ET
citizentools.@poetspirit #p2chat what tools do you use to identify where ppl that might be interested are or might be?^09/21/10 06:43 PM ET
poetspiritFor practitioners and others interested in engmt I just added a simple chat room to www.allthingsreform.org #p2chat^09/21/10 06:43 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools So true! David Friedman on webinar last wk said we build & expect ppl will just come…need 2actively engage 4 success #p2chat^09/21/10 06:45 PM ET
PublicDecisions…cannot be passive need to ask for ppl to share expertise info they have in very active way…relationships and ties are impt #p2chat^09/21/10 06:46 PM ET
PublicDecisionsThanks @poetspirit! Wld love your insignts on enging w ppl how to id where they particip8 online…do survey?other ways?? #p2chat^09/21/10 06:46 PM ET
poetspiritI try to follow or friend people interested in the field and send news to them. RT @citizentools: .@poetspirit #p2chat what tools… ?^09/21/10 06:47 PM ET
citizentools@poetspirit Makes sense. LIstening is more observed in theory than practice. #p2chat^09/21/10 06:49 PM ET
poetspiritI’d like to better use Twitter Lists and associated apps for finding more people interested in the practice #p2chat^09/21/10 06:49 PM ET
PublicDecisionsI use some twitter lists seems easier to use than FB or Linked In (IMHO) #P2chat^09/21/10 06:52 PM ET
citizentoolsI’m learning that the #socmed pros who actually listen do so episodically. Nobody reads their 3k Twitter friends #p2chat^09/21/10 06:54 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat Instead they use #socmed search tools http://bit.ly/9SVroA or they have Twitter lists they dip into for particular issues^09/21/10 06:56 PM ET
PublicDecisionsgood pt @citizentools…tho I findTwitteruseful for scanning 4 trends insights…easier than scrolling thru dozens of FBpages(4me) #p2chat^09/21/10 06:57 PM ET
poetspiritI think we should bring together the different sub-topics of engmt including #gov20 #p2chat^09/21/10 06:58 PM ET
PublicDecisionsYes search tools are gr8 I have some set up too. Being a good public engmt practitioner req more techn orientation 2day! 🙂 #p2chat^09/21/10 06:59 PM ET
citizentoolsSearch is big. Heard yesterday for instance that oaklandlocal.com uses FB search 2 gather info to repub (/wpermission) to its blog #p2chat^09/21/10 06:59 PM ET
PublicDecisions@poetspirit are there specific aspects of 2.0 and engmt you would like to see us discuss 2gether? #gov20 #p2chat^09/21/10 07:00 PM ET
citizentools@poetspirit about out of time but good idea; how wld you start on this? #gov20 #p2chat^09/21/10 07:01 PM ET
poetspirit@citizentools Having been very close to the goings on of gov20 and more recently engmt I’ve been sending news on engmt to #gov20 #p2chat^09/21/10 07:01 PM ET
PublicDecisions@poetspirit wld be gr8 to hr more on how we could collab in this way #p2chat^09/21/10 07:01 PM ET
citizentools@poetspirit I’ll check out your tweets and blog. #gov20 #p2chat^09/21/10 07:05 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHave 2 head out for anniv dinner 🙂 Gr8 conv this wk @citizentools & @poetspirit! Many thanks 4 RTs @intellitics @transpartisan! #p2chat^09/21/10 07:07 PM ET
poetspiritThank you; is this chat weekly or more often? #p2chat^09/21/10 07:08 PM ET
citizentoolsThanks everyone. @PublicDecisions always has the best after-chat plans. We should hold a contest 😉 #p2chat^09/21/10 07:08 PM ET
PublicDecisions@poetspirit we meet weekly it’d be fantastic to have you join us next week (Tues 6p Eastern 3p Pacific) #p2chat^09/21/10 07:09 PM ET
PublicDecisionsthanks @citizentools! 🙂 Looking forward to next week’s discussion; have a great week everyone! #p2chat^09/21/10 07:10 PM ET
poetspiritI look forward to it; have more ideas on getting broader use of engmt in politics elsewhere #p2chat^09/21/10 07:11 PM ET
poetspiritPublicDecisions: #P2Chat- chat on Twitter every Tues from 6-7pm ET (22:00 GMT)  http://bit.ly/clqVal #gov20 #opengov #activism^09/21/10 07:12 PM ET

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