#p2chat August 31, 2010

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Beth Offenbacker of Public Decisions hosts #p2chat, a weekly chat on public participation, Tuesdays at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.

This is the archive of tweets for the August 31 chat.

PublicDecisionsHi everyone welcome to this week’s #P2Chat! We have a lot of great things to talk about regarding #publicengmt^08/25/10 11:08 AM ET
PublicDecisionsPlease introduce yourself for this week’s #P2Chat….name Twitter handle a little about you/your org^08/31/10 05:36 PM ET
PublicDecisionsBeth Offenbacker #P2Chat co-moderator with @Citizentools. @PublicDecisions: we use techn 2 enhance publicengmt thru distinctive online pgms^08/31/10 06:00 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat intro: Chris Berendes blogger local acitivist CTO for a fed contractor; interested in lessons learned about online engagement^08/31/10 06:00 PM ET
PublicDecisionsLast week we talked some about online and f2f engmt as part of #p2chat; let’s build on that gr8 thread by starting there^08/31/10 06:03 PM ET
PublicDecisionsPew Survey on older ple’s uses 4 Soc Med http://bit.ly/cBqFk2 Q: does yr org distinguish btwn diff demog in re social media strat? #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:04 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools Very true… we forget need to integrate the two into tool selection use #p2chat^08/31/10 06:07 PM ET
PublicDecisionsMy own observ is most orgs don’t distinguish betw demogaltho we prob shld. cld make engmt more effective. Will try to implem myself #p2chat^08/31/10 06:10 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions @zephoria pt: *how* a demographic uses a tool; e.g. young ppl disclose on #fb what I suspect elders don’t #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:13 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions examples of where not distinguishing has caused trouble? #p2chat^08/31/10 06:15 PM ET
PublicDecisionsdon’t have gd exmpl myslf. Think it has alot to do with what commty participants expect from engmt maybe? Needs/interests may vary #p2chat^08/31/10 06:16 PM ET
intelliticsJoining #P2Chat a bit late today. Howdy! 😉^08/31/10 06:17 PM ET
citizentools@intellitics hey. congrats on the wide play the “10 tips for online/offline” got #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:20 PM ET
PublicDecisions@Citizentools not so much prblmmore realiz “one size” doesn’t fit all…need 2 custmze online apprch on needs/int as w other meth #p2chat^08/31/10 06:24 PM ET
PublicDecisionsHey @intellitics! Always glad to connect w you 🙂 #p2chat^08/31/10 06:26 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools @intellitics Have you seen need 4 diff in demog appr to soc med? (Is it just me surmising based on Pew report??) #p2chat^08/31/10 06:26 PM ET
PublicDecisions@Intellitics any word on the SXSW proposal? I voted for it can ppl still support? #p2chat^08/31/10 06:27 PM ET
intellitics@citizentools Thanks! @democracy just added a few more items in the comments. Good stuff! #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:28 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions Voting for #SXSW Panel Picker has ended. We’ll see how it goes. It’s a bit of a long shot. 😉 #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:29 PM ET
citizentools@intellitics since this is pretty intimate I’ll float an idea to extend participatedb #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:29 PM ET
citizentoolswhat if: get list from iap2 practitioners of favored in practice (or wished for) online processes; = use cases #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:31 PM ET
citizentoolsthen ask tool providers (w/some help) to self select for use cases they can handle and do short (5min) video demos ?#p2chat^08/31/10 06:35 PM ET
citizentoolsresults: non-techie get a better idea of how various tools work for processes they understand #p2chat^08/31/10 06:36 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools very cool idea…existing vs. desired. cld be quite fascinating 2 track #p2chat^08/31/10 06:36 PM ET
citizentoolsAND toolsmiths get better sense of demand and how to present their coooool tools #p2chat^08/31/10 06:37 PM ET
intellitics@citizentools Good! I was thinking about prototyping a “tool selection wizard” for the upcoming @NCDD Fall events. #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:37 PM ET
intellitics@citizentools That sounds interesting! From what I’m seeing uptake of “online” still very mixed early days etc. #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:38 PM ET
citizentools@intellitics shall we talk offline? #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:38 PM ET
PublicDecisions@intellitics will there be sort/search feature soon on participatedb? #p2chat^08/31/10 06:40 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat and for my next question: what have you/we learned as participants or organizers of online engagement?^08/31/10 06:41 PM ET
PublicDecisions4 me it’s that the idea of online engmt still new to some folks…esp in areas with dialup internet #p2Chat^08/31/10 06:41 PM ET
citizentoolsone long term lesson: exponential growth means that there are a lot of newbies #p2Chat^08/31/10 06:41 PM ET
PublicDecisionsearly adopters are into not evryone is tho. Ex:fam mem has tvdish in rural county NO email thru DSL cable etc. email at work tho #p2chat^08/31/10 06:43 PM ET
PublicDecisions…also means NO internet access #p2chat^08/31/10 06:45 PM ET
citizentoolsone reason why @democracy emphasizes email/web equal opp’ty for his dialog tool #p2chat^08/31/10 06:46 PM ET
citizentoolsa lesson as a participant: I can generally make myself heard (=loudmouth) offline; not always online #p2chat^08/31/10 06:46 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools Yes easy for us urban dwellers who are connected 24/7 to think all others are too.Smtimes internet just not avail #p2chat^08/31/10 06:48 PM ET
PublicDecisionsValue of mix of apprches impt; am wking on proj incl in person online as well as teleph mtgs and hosted mtgs 2 (proj in rural area) #p2chat^08/31/10 06:49 PM ET
PublicDecisionsLesson 4 me as participant: practicing active listening hard to do may be harder when I am not being neutral facil #p2chat^08/31/10 06:49 PM ET
PublicDecisionsOnline active listening takes on very diff dynamic naturally…how to listen *btwn* words meaning like at in person mtg?? #p2chat^08/31/10 06:51 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions “active listening” harder when online? (for me probably since many screens open etc.) #p2chat^08/31/10 06:54 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools Yes since we can’t always “hear” the meaning have to ponder more what is meant…value of emoticons tho! #p2chat^08/31/10 06:55 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions may listening online happens more slowly – offline you can learn a lot in 60 sec; maybe online takes longer #p2chat^08/31/10 06:55 PM ET
citizentools@intellitics any lessons learned as online engagement participant or organizer (or developer)? #p2chat^08/31/10 06:57 PM ET
PublicDecisionsThanks 4 gr8 disc as always @citizentools @intellitics! Have a fantastic Labor Day wknd and see everybody next week! #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:58 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions @intellitics over and out. let’s ponder our recruitment options a bit for next week. Perhaps a prize? 😉 #P2Chat^08/31/10 06:59 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions @citizentools Nice chattin’ 😉 #P2Chat^08/31/10 07:05 PM ET

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