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Beth Offenbacker of Public Decisions hosts #p2chat, a weekly chat on public participation, Tuesdays at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.

This is the archive of tweets for the August 24 chat.

PublicDecisionsWelcome to this week’s #p2chat for Tues Aug 24 2010! Please post a brief intro of yourself (and remember to include #p2chat when posting)^08/24/10 05:58 PM ET
PublicDecisionsYou can also follow the discussion for this week’s #p2chat at http://bit.ly/dg46nu^08/24/10 05:58 PM ET
citizentoolsChris Berendes #gov20 advocate blogger on online engagement etc. looking forward to this week’s #p2chat^08/24/10 05:59 PM ET
PublicDecisionsBeth Offenbacker @PublicDecisions We use techn 2 improve practice of engaging people thru distinctive online conf pgms & classes #p2chat^08/24/10 06:00 PM ET
PublicDecisionsSpecial thanks to Chris Berendes @citizentools who has kindly agreed to co-moderate #p2chat; he also archives our chats too πŸ™‚^08/24/10 06:01 PM ET
PublicDecisionsToday’s subject is f2f and online engmt how to best integr8? Pointers suggestions etc. #p2chat (courtesy of @intellitics)^08/24/10 06:02 PM ET
intelliticsWe’re a participation startup from San José CA. We’re developing @zilino a new web app for online consultations. #P2Chat #opengov #edem^08/24/10 06:04 PM ET
PublicDecisionsOther topics welcome too! What questions subjects do you have about public engmt? #p2chat^08/24/10 06:06 PM ET
citizentoolsSo of @intellitics ‘s post on integration of on/offline engagement http://bit.ly/99Gbe3 I liked 345 – bridge back and forth #p2chat^08/24/10 06:06 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGood ex of comparison I came across (by accident) earlier today see http://www.cihr.gc.ca/e/42214.html (scroll down to App 2) #p2chat^08/24/10 06:06 PM ET
PublicDecisionsDon’t know much about how structured from p2 planning persp although wrote about another example on blog http://bit.ly/dmUtRN #p2chat^08/24/10 06:07 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions Great find! I’ll have to dig up the articles I’ve read on this issue (our wiki let me down last night). πŸ˜‰ #P2Chat^08/24/10 06:09 PM ET
PublicDecisionsWhy do most orgs struggle with integration? Many seem to be wary of negative posts even with moderation; easier to control in f2f #p2chat^08/24/10 06:11 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat – what are some examples of struggling wit h integration?^08/24/10 06:13 PM ET
PublicDecisions@intellitics @citizentools Do you find that most orgs are on board with true integr? nonprof I am wking with likes which is good #p2chat^08/24/10 06:13 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools #p2chat I would say having limited ability 4 people to say what they feel needs to be said in online env too many "controls"^08/24/10 06:15 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat agree somewhat on controls but that’s more a prob w/online per se than "integration"^08/24/10 06:16 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat what strikes me about the App2 list is that w/online we don’t know who is ‘in the room" or who will see it later == unsafe^08/24/10 06:17 PM ET
citizentools.@intellitics you still in the #p2chat?^08/24/10 06:19 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools ok good pt on controls I guess I C balance in those instnces tipping more 2 f2f so then less emph placed on online #p2chat^08/24/10 06:19 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions The integration issue arose from @NCDD. Seems many practitioners are just starting to wrap their heads around this. #P2Chat^08/24/10 06:22 PM ET
PublicDecisionsso less emphasis means less integration; which raises Q what proportion of integration is gen the case betw f2f and online #p2chat^08/24/10 06:22 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat re @intellitics online/offline 28: why? say we had split f2f mtg betw. 2 breakouts: would we insist everyone spend time in both?^08/24/10 06:23 PM ET
PublicDecisionsWould love to see examples of good/bad integr. Can learn from both #p2chat^08/24/10 06:23 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools yes you are right about who is "in the room" how do orgs address this? Some req sign in from what I have seen/heard #p2chat^08/24/10 06:24 PM ET
intellitics@citizentools I think getting (some portion of) participants to engage both online and off could be very beneficial yes. #P2Chat^08/24/10 06:25 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat obviously I’m grumpy abt integration. Rather start w/ say "participant in either mode/brkout room has equal access to engmt proces"^08/24/10 06:27 PM ET
citizentools.@intellitics #P2Chat granted on 345; beyond that what’s benefit of offliners ALSO going online?^08/24/10 06:27 PM ET
PublicDecisionsAm thinking back to p2 planning disc p2 plan 4 proj should focus on goals 1st. Is there good chart showing online tool match 2 goal?#p2chat^08/24/10 06:27 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions re "who’s in room?" coolest I’ve seen is small rooms & mods who check-in w/all periodically eg Maestro teleconf #p2chat^08/24/10 06:29 PM ET
intellitics@citizentools Think I agree. Both online/offline need to support overall participation objectives both have strengths/weaknesses. #P2Chat^08/24/10 06:31 PM ET
PublicDecisions#p2chat …I mean that selection of tool for online has different implications than regular f2f so diff chart would be useful^08/24/10 06:31 PM ET
citizentools.@PublicDecisions re tool/goal match – intervening var = process. Some not all processes can be shoe-horned into certain tools #p2chat^08/24/10 06:32 PM ET
intellitics@citizentools Distinction between on/off should be less rigid IMHO. Let participants use whichever mode works best incl. both. πŸ˜‰ #P2Chat^08/24/10 06:33 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools so true about variable of process; although factors with online like sensory overload data that shld be considrd #p2chat^08/24/10 06:35 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat – agree w/"use which is best for you" & mods will do their best to ensure you’re not a second class citizen +1^08/24/10 06:35 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions That’s a matrix we’d *love* to work on at some point. Btw @ParticipateDB might serve as starting point! πŸ˜‰ #P2Chat^08/24/10 06:36 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools LOVE Maestro! would be gr8 to compile list of synchronous and asynchronous for engmt diff impacts/factors 2 think abt #p2chat^08/24/10 06:37 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat thing is a given tools often imports a certain "culture". e.g. against Twitter culture but not tech to string^08/24/10 06:38 PM ET
citizentoolstogether 3 tweets to say something at greater length. #p2chat^08/24/10 06:38 PM ET
PublicDecisions@intellitics Sounds gr8! Would be glad to collaborate on! πŸ™‚ #p2chat^08/24/10 06:39 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat so would be interesting to sponsor "culture breaking experiments" (which could work with ParticipateDB actually)^08/24/10 06:39 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools intrsting pt about culture…do you mean culture of tool itself or culture of org or community that uses(or all/some)? #p2chat^08/24/10 06:39 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat e.g. have AmericaSpeaks or World Cafe push Ideascale and surrounding processes to the limits see what they can do^08/24/10 06:40 PM ET
citizentools.@PublicDecisions #p2chat mean "how ppl expect tool to be used even though techno permits something else"^08/24/10 06:40 PM ET
PublicDecisionsAgree @citizentools. would be gr8 to create "lab" to explore how tools work in certain processes vs others #p2chat^08/24/10 06:40 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions Several "tool selection wizards" exist. Most fall short. In the end a lot depends on process design/facilitation. #P2Chat^08/24/10 06:42 PM ET
PublicDecisions@intellitics would be great to compile list of those too; most I have seen don’t include full spectrum of asynch/synchr; agree? #p2chat^08/24/10 06:42 PM ET
PublicDecisionsAm really interested in mobile phone techn for engmt apart from keypads (old school now!); any new uses u know of? #p2chat^08/24/10 06:42 PM ET
citizentools#p2chat not at all expert on tool selctn wizrds but suspect tjey mostly as useful/less as “how to pick up person of appropriate sex” tips^08/24/10 06:43 PM ET
PublicDecisionslol @citizentools! yes there is parallel that could be made there! #p2chat^08/24/10 06:45 PM ET
citizentools.@PublicDecisions #p2chat re mobile phone engmt – http://app.beextra.org/ for volunteering e.g. pix tagging via smartphone^08/24/10 06:47 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions Mobile is another very interesting area. Don’t know nearly enough about current usage/use cases. #P2Chat #edem^08/24/10 06:48 PM ET
citizentools.@PublicDecisions harrumph. parallel is that both the "tips" seekers and the "wizard" users are asking the wrong question #p2chat^08/24/10 06:48 PM ET
PublicDecisionsFave new mobile ph techn sends med data in remote areas back 2 lab for analysis. Sim idea could work for rural areas w transp data? #p2chat^08/24/10 06:49 PM ET
citizentools.@intellitics #p2chat re participatedb – any thoughts on including "micro" processes – e.g how each tool might (not)serve brainstorming?^08/24/10 06:50 PM ET
PublicDecisionsOr other ways that citizens could co-produce/partic in policymking…BUT going beynd ClickItFixit #p2chat^08/24/10 06:50 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools Didnotknow about BeExtra very cool!!Yes we shld b encourging this kind of collab IMHO in our p2 comm not just blogs #p2chat^08/24/10 06:52 PM ET
citizentools@PublicDecisions re beyond @seeclickfix in general see http://infovegan.com/2010/08/02/city-bankruptcy per @cjoh #p2chat^08/24/10 06:52 PM ET
PublicDecisions@citizentools Fascinating post on SeeClickfix! will read full article later. Int pt about incr cost of gov svcs due to more svc req #p2chat^08/24/10 06:54 PM ET
ParticipateDB@citizentools We hope to launch more capabilities soon to add such information. There are a lot of angles worth exploring! #P2Chat #edem^08/24/10 06:55 PM ET
PublicDecisionsWld be interesting to see what % req are taken on by citizens vs govt to fix #p2chat^08/24/10 06:57 PM ET
PublicDecisionsGr8 conversation @citizentools @intellitics! thanks 4 chance to chat 2night some cool things to think abt/work on in re f2f/online #p2chat^08/24/10 06:58 PM ET
citizentoolsGood night @PublicDecisions @intellitics Time for dinner w/my inamorata! #p2chat #schmooze^08/24/10 06:58 PM ET
PublicDecisionsThanks @citizentools! Am off to have a nice glass of wine myself. See everyone next wk same Bat-time same Bat station! #p2chat^08/24/10 07:01 PM ET
intellitics@PublicDecisions Ditto that was fun. Thanks everyone! #P2Chat #edem^08/24/10 07:04 PM ET
intelliticsNice! @amysue102 shares example of real-time three-way online/offline integration (F2F Skype SecondLife): http://bit.ly/bOsFsY #P2Chat^08/24/10 07:05 PM ET
mpeersRT @intellitics: We’re a participation startup from San José CA. We’re developing @zilino a new web app for online consultations. #P2Chat #opengov #edem^08/24/10 07:08 PM ET

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